My joints have hurt all day.  I have no idea what is going on but I feel like a rickety old man and it is seriously bumming me out.

I thought a long passeggiata (Italian for stroll) would help loosen the joints and maybe clear some clouds from my brain.

I decided to walk down to the next town where there are gobs of wildflowers growing in the ditch.  




Along the way I passed these adorable little bunnies.  Actually, they are not little, they were huge.  These pictures do not do their size justice.


I love the coloring on the dark bunny.  His front left paw is white, which makes him even cutter but he wouldn’t stick out his leg for the camera.


Of course I had to pick the wildflowers and cart them back home where I tried to make a nice bouquet.  I originally imagined a large messy bouquet, but no matter what I did it just looked strange so eventually I settled on a nosegay-type of arrangement.  Turns out, wildflowers are not like florist flowers, sometimes they look better in a ditch by the road than on your kitchen counter.  


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2 Responses to Wildflowers

  1. Darla says:

    Erica, this is a great post, I took that stroll with you. My joints hurt, I love wild flowers and those lil bunnies are just the cutest. And you are right, wild flowers much prefer to be left along in the wild……..experience here too!

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