Hello Again

Hello Again. It’s been a long time. I’m not going to lie, part of my absence has been because I was very busy throwing myself several extravagant pity parties (they were awesome, you should have been there).

In addition to the pity parties I have also been traveling and checking several items off my list of 35 before 35! I will get to those later.

But first, the bad news: My beloved bike, Lullubelle is gone.  She was stolen a few weeks ago.  This is one of the last pictures I have of her and I together.



I miss her.

So, onto happier things.  I am now in the market for a new bike and this one will be the perfect bike for me.

Here are my requirements:
– High beach cruiser style handlebars so I don’t have to hunch over
– A bell
– A very low middle bar so I can wear a dress without flashing everyone as I climb on and off the bike
– A basket on the front
– A pretty color like pink or mint green

That’s about it!  Stay tuned for updates to the 35 before 35 countdown!


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2 Responses to Hello Again

  1. JennyO says:

    Sorry about your bike, glad you stopped from all your partying to say hello! I know what u mean though life has been busy and being at the keyboard isn’t on the bucket list

    Good luck finding a new belle!!



  2. Ken Lowery says:

    Erica, hi I am planning a trip to Rome in June 2016 and was wondering if you have a list of must see places. My wife and I will be there for five days four nights and would like to plan the days out so that we are not walking around looking like lost tourist, lol. Thanks, have a great day.

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