Another stray comes home

And I bought another tea set. You thought I was kidding about this being an obsession, right? Oh, you are so wrong. Give me a few years and I will be the crazy teapot lady.

I found this pretty piece of work on eBay and serendipitously enough, it arrived the day before my ladies tea date so I got to test drive it immediately!




I served the tea with cocktail shrimp, fruit tarts, carnivale fritters, and other random pastries. And lots of wine. If I am being honest this was mostly a wine party with some tea at the end to sober up. So, it was kind perfect.


An afternoon drinking and conspiring with smart and funny ladies was exactly what I needed and my new blue tea set (I think it is Nippon) was a hit.

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2 Responses to Another stray comes home

  1. Such a lovely tea (wine) party.

    I used to love teapots, you are encouraging me to start my collection again…

  2. amanda says:

    …and speaking of awesome writing and interesting things… can we have a blog post update?!

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