The Beauty in the Change we Dread

My office has been relocated to the other side of the city.

I knew this was coming for over a year and I’ve spent most of that year trying to devise a way to avoid the move. Everything was perfect the way it was. I walked to work, I had my desk arranged just so, etc. Now I would have to fight traffic and get used to a smaller work space.

I was most displeased.

After six months of delays (and many silent thanks to the universe for prolonging the inevitable) we finally made the move across town a few weeks ago.

Instead of stressing out in my car every day, I decided to bike to work, about 10 miles round trip. It is too soon to see any major changes, but today I noticed that my stomach is flatter and my hips feel smaller.  For a person that loathes gym time, this is pretty great. I’ve also been putting on weight like it’s my job lately and not only am I not being paid to pack it in, but I can’t afford a new summer wardrobe so any amount of weight maintenance is a win for me right now.

More importantly, I arrive at the office fully awake, sans caffeine.  Did I mention we have no way to make tea in the office yet?  I know. It’s complete BS.

But back to the good stuff, I’m also in closer proximity to friends I haven’t worked around in two years, which is an unexpected treat.  These friends are also turning me into a coffee drinker, another unexpected treat!

My desk is not as horrible as I expected it to be and I am slowly fixing it up. Aside from accidentally barging into the men’s bathroom on my first day in the new building, the terrible incidents have been kept to a minimum.

There are some other work-related silver linings that I won’t bother you with, but I will say this: if there is anything you are currently dreading, try loosening your grip, you might like what you find. I am shocked that I like what I found on the other self town.

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